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Overeaters Anonymous: Primary Purpose (OAPP)

Each group has but one primary purpose -- to carry its message to the compulsive eater who still suffers.

Adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous -- Tradition 5, Big Book Pages 562 and 563

We are a fellowship of people who have recovered from the illness of compulsive eating by following the program of action laid out in the book Alcoholics Anonymous, which is also called the Big Book. Our purpose is simple, clear, and outlined above.

We are compulsive eaters, including bingers, grazers, bulimics, and anorexics. The way we have found to recover from compulsive eating is to follow the directions in the Big Book, taking the Twelve Steps swiftly and thoroughly with the guidance of a recovered sponsor, and helping other compulsive eaters in turn.

Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these Steps, we tried to carry this message to compulsive eaters and to practice these principles in all our affairs. (Step 12.)

We use the Big Book as our main text, studying it in meetings and with our recovered sponsors, because following the simple program of action in the Big Book is how we recovered from compulsive eating. We bring our experience and knowledge of recovery to our meetings, and bring our fears, resentments and worries to our recovered sponsors.

If compulsive eating is a problem for you -- if your life revolves around binges, hiding food, eating secretly, purging, starving, gorging, and the other behaviors we have experienced -- we welcome you. If you have sat in therapy groups and discussion meetings, not taking the steps and wondering why you're not getting better, we welcome you. If you are a compulsive eater, we welcome you.

You are not alone any more. Welcome to Overeaters Anonymous Primary Purpose.

You can find details about our meetings by clicking on OA Primary Purpose Meetings. We conduct regularly scheduled meetings via teleconference, plus there are face-to-face, in person meetings listed.

If you do not have a Big Book, you can read the Big Book online in HTML and Adobe Acrobat PDF format, in English, French, and Spanish. A copy of this book can also be purchased at any major book store, or on the internet at aa.org or oa.org or anonpress.org.

If you are convinced that you share our problem, or hear something that echoes your own experience, we encourage you to get an OAPP Recovered Sponsor to lead you through the Steps. Please e-mail us at sponsorhelp@oapp.info or call or text us at 205-295-OAPP (6277).

If you have any other questions or we can help you with anything else, please contact us at help@oapp.info or call or text us at 205-295-OAPP (6277).

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